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Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)
Mini-Max [EFEM]
450mm Wafer Handling System
SortMax300 HC
SortMax300 HT
SortMax300 HWS
Substrate Stocker Systems
FOUP Stocker Systems
  Tool Automation
  GB12 Wafer Handling Robot
  GB14 Wafer Handling Robot
  GB15 Wafer Handling Robot
  G-Rex3 Robot System (300/450mm)
  G-Rex4 Dual Arm Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB7S Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB7SY Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB7-W Robot System (300/450mm)
  EVTMHS Extended Vertical Travel Robot System
  GB4P Robot System
  GB4S-W Robot System
  GB4S Robot System
  GB4S-CTR Robot System
  GPR-GB7-TL Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB8 Robot System (300/450mm and FPD)
  GPR-GB8-SM Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB8-TL Robot System (300/450mm and FPD)
  AVR 2000 Vacuum Robot System (300mm)
  AVR 3000 Vacuum Robot System (300/450mm)
  AVR 3600 Vacuum Robot System (300/450mm)
  AVR SMV 3000 Vacuum Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-GB9 Vacuum Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR-SMV Vacuum Robot System (300/450mm)
  GPR Vacuum Elevator
  Vacuum Elevator
  Load Port Modules: FOUP and OCA
  Porta FOSB
  Porta R5
  Porta R6
  Open Cassette Adapter
  Porta300 plus
  Alignment and Calibration
  Edge-Grip Pre-Aligner
  Remote Pre-Aligner
  Stand-Alone Pre-Aligner
  Remote Vacuum Pre-Aligner
  Flat Panel Pre-Aligner
  Software Solutions
ECS300 Automation
Software Suite

GIFT Server
GB Tool Box
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2019 3D InCites Awards Vote ...
Extending Moore’s Law through Advanced Packaging
Genmark Automation wins Equipment Supplier of the Year
Continuation of partnership with Scientech corporation and Advantitech
April 2018: Nidec to Acquire Genmark Automation, Inc.
Our Corporate Headquarters has relocated to Fremont, CA
Genmark Automation Expands “FastExchange” Product Refurbishment Program
Genmark Automation Names Mike Klayko to Its Board of Directors
Genmark Expands Leadership Role of Two Executives
Genmark Automation Wins "YAW" Patent Infringement Judgment Against Innovative Robotics 123
Genmark Automation Expands Global Presence, Opens New Service and Manufacturing Facility in Singapore
Genmark Expands Technical Service Network in South Korea
Genmark Expands Technical Support Capability in China
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