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Standard Multi-Axis Robots

Maintenance Course Application Course Schedule

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance on the Standard Multi-Axis Robot Family

This document is an outline of a standard course layout, applicable for all types of Genmark robots that do not incorporate GPR platform. The training course is structured in a way to cover different aspects of the product design, operation, service and maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The training curricula are configurable to best comply with specific robot use in customized environment.

Section 1 – General System Description

Introduces the students to the structure and basic characteristics of the material handling system, including robot, controller and optional modules such as pre-aligner, wafer scanner, etc.

  1. System elements
  2. Robot design, structure and kinematics
  3. Motion axes
  4. Robot coordinate frames
  5. Controller architecture and description of its functionality
  6. Optional modules
  7. Safety precautions

Section 2 – Getting Started

This part of the course outlines the necessary steps to ensure proper handling of the system, starting from the system receipt to connecting and operating the robot.

  1. System unpacking and installation
  2. Communicating with the controller
  3. System Initialization. Verification of the hardware and firmware consistency
  4. Description of basic motions

Section 3 – "Gencobot Tool Box" Utility

Describes the operation of the "Gencobot Tool Box" utility and its features.

  1. Introduction to “Gencobot Tool Box”
  2. Menus and windows
  3. System firmware update and backup
  4. Using the Help and Diagnostic features
  5. Script and User Macro programming

Section 4 – Robot Homing and Calibration Basics

Outlines homing principles and algorithms, based on robot specification. The following topics are covered:

  1. Homing principle
  2. Mechanical calibration
  3. Software calibration
  4. Pre-aligner calibration (optional)
  5. Vacuum  / pressure sensor calibration (optional)
  6. Scanner sensor calibration (optional)

Section 5 – Corrective Maintenance

This part of the course provides vital information about typical corrective maintenance procedures. Corrective maintenance is non-scheduled service performed in case of a failure, or when certain components no longer meet the factory requirements. Covered herein are step-by-step instructions on how to perform mechanical or electrical components replacement.

  1. Mechanical and electrical repair procedures
  2. Vacuum / pressure system repair and calibration (optional)
  3. Pre-aligner troubleshooting and repair (optional)
  4. Scanner troubleshooting and repair (optional)

Section 6 – Preventative Maintenance

Introduces to the students preventative maintenance procedures. These include periodical inspection and testing to ensure optimal system performance.

  1. Mechanical and electrical inspection
  2. Checking performance of the vacuum system
  3. Robot cleaning and lubrication

Section 7 – Troubleshooting

This section is designed to provide specific information intended to fast and effective troubleshooting of the problems associated with system hardware and operations.

  1. Using the "Gencobot Tool Box" diagnostic function
  2. Reading and decoding robot status words
  3. Analyzing the history file
  4. Contacting the Customer Support. Escalation procedure