Product Highlight

GPR-GB7SY Robot System (300/450mm)


  • GPR Technology
  • Faster and more reliable robot movement
  • Alignment free
  • Deflection compensation
  • Roll and pitch axes
  • Yaw axis

GPR-GB7SY Robot System (300/450mm)

The GPR-GB7SY Yaw-Axis (single and dual yaw) robot features Genmark’s technologically advanced mechanisms including patented GPR and YAW technologies to achieve the highest level of performance currently available in an automated material handler capable of transporting up to 450mm wafer payloads with utmost reliability and precision.

The patented GPR technology is based on a six-degree of freedom servo-controlled robot that can compliantly and intelligently interact with misaligned cassettes, FOUPS and process modules, as well as provide software-controlled end-effector deflection compensation during transport of heavier payloads.

The unique and patented YAW technology feature of the GPR-G7SY Robot system enables it to access in-line process modules, FOUPS and cassettes from a fixed centralized location, and eliminates the need for radial placement of process and other stations around the robot. 

GPR-GB7SY Yaw-Axis robot is capable of accessing up to four in-line FOUPS and dimensionally-equivalent process modules without the need to mount the robot on a linear track. The GPR-GB7SY can be fitted with numerous arm configurations and single or dual end-effectors thus allowing it to accommodate the automation requirements of a wide range of semiconductor manufacturing tool applications.


Wafer Size up to 450mm
Arm Configuration(s) 3 Link 6"-12"-6"
3 Link 4"-8"-4"
2 Link 8"-8'
End Effectors Types Vacuum, Edge-Gripping, Gravity
Wafer Mapping Reflective; through-beam
Physical Properties  
Size (Diameter/Length) 9.96" (body DIA)
Axes 6: T, R, Y, Z, Z1, Z2
Range of Motion T: 500°
-    6"-12"-6": [-22.8", 22.8]
-    4"-8"-4": [-17.1", 17.1"]
-    8"-8": [-22.8,  22.8"]
Z: 17"; 20"
Y: 344°
Tilt: 1.5°
Payload (Dynamic/Static) 2.5lbs
Repeatability T: +/- 0.01°
R: +/- 0.001"
Z: +/- 0.001"
Y: +/- 0.005°
Cleanliness ISO Class 1 Compatible
Wafer contact Materials Vespel, Peek, Teflon impregnated anodized Al, Alumina, Stainless Steel
Standards Compliance  
Applicable Directives/Standards Machine Directive 89/392/EEC
Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Standards to Verify Compliance EN 60204-1:1997
EN 55011
EN ISO 12100-2:2003
RIA R15.06:1999
Reliability per SEMI E10 >15M

Black Box Option:

The Black Box is a small electronic device installed inside the robot body. It collects and stores critical information about the robot operation. The preserved information includes:

  • Equipment Uptime, Downtime, Manufacturing Time and Total Running Time. The data is in compliance    with the SEMI E10-0701 standard.
  • Number of revolutions for each motor.
  • Number of faults due to excessive speed/acceleration or overloads caused by robot collisions.
  • Robot specific information like serial number, calibration data and additional statistical data.

The accumulated information provides objective criterion for the need of preventive maintenance procedures. The usage data can be used for lubrication scheduling or belts and motors replacement. The same information allows adjusting the robot warranty term based on the real usage rather than just on a fixed time period. This feature can extend the warranty for robots not actively in use.

The Black Box is compatible with all Genmark Automation robots. It has its own interface and does not require update of the robot firmware.

Black Box Specifications

  • Number of motors observed: up to 8
  • Storage media: 64KB FLASH
  • Data retention time: More than 10 years
  • Communication interface: RS232, Ethernet (optional).