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FOUP Stocker Systems
FOUP Stocker Systems
FOUP Stocker Systems

FOUP Stocker Systems

Genmark's next-generation FOUP Stocker systems incorporates advanced robotics featuring highly optimized blended motions and control software technology to achieve fully automation of FOUP storage, retrieval and tracking operations.

The modular design of Genmark's FOUP Stocker systems allows expandable storage capacity per customer’s specific requirements and is easily integrated with semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  

Configurable, fast, reliable and cost effective, the Genmark FOUP Stocker systems are designed to meet all fab requirements.

Among its unique design features is a high performance robot with extended vertical travel via vertical track, allowing fast input/output and storage, enabling customers to meet a wide range of Work-In-Progress FOUP storage applications.


Base Frame Welded steel

Baked powder coat
Capacity (Stocker) Total of 8 FOUP stations
Wafer Size 300mm FOUP
Atmospheric Robot (types) X, Z gantry robot
End Effector (types) Pneumatic Gripper
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, touch screen
Software Interface SEMI E87, E99, S2, S
Communications RS232
Physical Properties  
Length 90.8"
Height 126"
Depth 24.5"
Weight TBD
Input Voltage 115VAC
Input Current 10-15A
Pneumatic requirement >40 psi
Standards Compliance  
SEMI SEMI E15, E47,E99, S2, S8,
Other Standards CE
Cleanliness Class 10000
Operating Temperature 10 deg C to 40 deg C
Storage Temperature 5 deg C to 50 deg C
Throughput < 15 sec
OHT Input/Output Port  
OHT Input/Output Port 2
Payload 10kg (Full FOUP)