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Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)
Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)
Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)
Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)


  • Flexible vacuum transfer chamber allows 5 to 8 process facets to support multi-step wafer processes
  • Customized wafer cooling stations adapt to all cooling requirements, resulting in higher throughput
  • Supports all low to high pressure vacuum processes
  • Handles all substrate sizes to adapt to all wafer processes
  • Meets Class 1 clean room requirements to ensure extreme cleanliness and ultimate performance
  • Offers option of top or bottom robot mounting in the front-end and in the vacuum transfer chamber



  • Increase factory productivity and manufacturing yields
  • Improve facility and equipment utilization rates
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Protect valuable wafers

Vacuum Cluster Integration System (300/450mm)

Genmark’s Vacuum Cluster Integration System implements the latest automation technologies to its family of factory automation solutions. The Vacuum Cluster Tool Integration System is a complete turn-key solution, specifically configurable to the customer’s exact automation requirements.

The Vacuum Cluster Tool Integration System features a customer-specific vacuum chamber, Genmark’s MiniMax Front End Module (EFEM), load lock options, and integrated in-vacuum wafer handling solutions, all controlled by Genmark’s latest ECS300 Automation Software Suite.

The integrated in-vacuum wafer handling solutions includes robotics featuring the patented GPR technology, based on a six-degree of freedom servo-controlled system that can compliantly and intelligently interact with misaligned process modules, as well as provide software-controlled end-effector deflection compensation during transport of heavier payloads.

The integrated MiniMax EFEM system feature robotic handlers that include patented GPR and YAW technologies. The patented YAW technology enables wafer handler robots installed in EFEM systems to access in-line FOUPS and cassettes from a fixed centralized location, and eliminates the need for radial placement of process and other stations around the robot.


Base Frame Welded steel
Coating Baked powder coat
Wafer Size Up to 450 mm
Atmospheric Robot (types) AVR 3000, GPR-SMV
End Effector (types) Gravity
Pre-Aligner (types) Vacuum pre-aligner (option)
Payload Up to 20 lbs
Autoteaching (option) Simplifies station teaching and saves time
Cluster tool controller Coordinates the operation of all devices integrated in the tool and interfaces with process modules, FAB host and operator
Physical Properties  
Diameter 44.25"
Air Pressure:  Relative to Cleanroom Ambient
Port Closed 65+/-5 psig
Load/Unload 65+/-5 psig
Standards Compliance  

-SEMI S1-0701 – Safety Guidelines for Equipment Safety Labels

- SEMI S2-1102 – Environmental, Safety, and Health Guideline for Sem iconductor Manufacturing Equipment

- SEMI S7-96 – Safety Guidelines for Environmental, Safety, and Health (EHS) Evaluation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

- SEMI S8-0701 – Safety Guidelines for Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

- SEMI S9-1101 – Safety Guidelines for Electrical Design Verification Tests for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

- SEMI S10-1296 – Safety Guidelines for Risk Assessment

- SEMI S13- 0298 – Safety Guidelines for Operation and Maintenance Manuals Used with Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

- SEMI E20-0697 – Cluster Tool Module Interface: Electrical Power and Emergency Off Standard

- SEMI E21-94 – Cluster Tool Module Interface: Mechanical Interface and Wafer Transport Standard

- SEMI E24-92 – Cluster Tool Module Interface: Isolation Valve Interlocks Standard

- SEMI E25-92 – Cluster Tool Module Interface: Module Access Guideline

- SEMI E26-92 – Radial Cluster Tool Footprint Standard

- SEMI E44-96 – Guide for Procurement and Acceptance of Minienvironments

- SEMI E54-0997 – Sensor/Actuator Network Standard

- SEMI E57-0600 – Mechanical Specification for Kinematic Couplings Used to Align and Support 300mm Wafer Carriers

- SEMI E58-0301 – Autom ated Reliability, Availability, and Maintenability Standards (ARAMS): Concepts, Behavior and Services

- SEMI F47-0400 – Specification for voltage sag immunit
Other Standards CE Standards, International Sematech Integrated Minienvironment Best Design Practices
Cleanliness Better than Class 1
Vacuum Chamber  
Operating Range  - Low Pressure: 10E-6 to 10E-2 Torr
 - High Pressure: 10E-2 to 10E2 Torr
Chamber Material Aluminum 6061-T6
Viewport Material Zelux (Optical Grade), 7056 Glass
Ultimate vacuum Better than 10-6 Torr (Turbo pump, ISO 100 port)
Transfer valves Standard 50 x 336 mm
Wafer presence sensors Embedded in the tool
Robot mounting Top or bottom robot mounting available
Vacuum robot type Accommodates single or dual arm vacuum robot