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SortMax300 HC<span class='small-trade'>™</span>

SortMax300 HC

Enhance productivity with Genmark’s latest wafer sorter product, the SortMax300 HC™ High Capacity Sorter, achieving the highest throughput in modular equipment configurations supporting up to 14 FOUP/FOSB stations. Optimal throughput is a result of expanded features including faster dual end-effector wafer transfer mechanisms on Genmark's proven and reliable dual arm robots, including the patented GPR series robots.

SortMax300 HC™ also offers highly improved functionality and reliability. Along with rapid software set-up, the highly sophisticated ECS300 Equipment Control Software suite has been expanded to included built-in support for the latest fab requirements including standard operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.

Special "auto-teach" scripts are included to further simplify the wafer-handler teaching process, optimize operator interface and reduce downtime during maintenance periods.

Genmark's high capacity wafer sorter in designed for handling up to 300mm wafers and is offered in standard or custom configurations. A wide array of end-effectors, wafer mappers and aligners are some of its many options.

Because of SortMax300 HC™ superior performance, flexibility and high reliability, resulting in a low-cost-of-ownership, Genmark's SortMax300 HC™ wafer sorter is the right choice for your tool automation needs.


Base Frame Welded steel
Coating Baked powder coat
Capacity (Stocker) Total of 14 FOUP/FOSB stations
wafer Size Up to 300mm
Atmospheric Robot (types) GB8SM arm on vertical track
End Effector (types) Vacuum gripping, Edge gripping, Gravity.
Pre-Aligner (types) Vacuum gripping chuck; Edge gripping chuck
wafer Mapping Through-beam
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, touch screen.
Software Interface SEMI E30, E87, E90, E40, E94, E99, E118, E116
Communications RS232 (SECS-I), Ethernet (HSMS)
Physical Properties  
Length 79.2''
Cleanliness ISO Class 1 Compatible