Product Highlight

Vacuum Elevator


  • Precise, high resolution wafer indexing
  • Cost-effective, seamless integration with the Genmark vacuum robots
  • HV-compatible up to 10-8 Torr
  • Options for easy integration, variety of travel ranges, vertical rotation
  • DSP-based motion control for vibration-free wafer transport

Vacuum Elevator

The Vacuum Elevator provides accurate, HV-compatible wafer indexing in vacuum processing capital equipment, where the material handling is performed by robots limited vertical motion capabilities.

The Vacuum Elevator may have one or two servo-controlled axes. The single-axis elevator provides vertical indexing with 7, 14, 17 inches travel. The double-axis elevator has additional 360 degrees rotation around the vertical axis. Both translational and rotational mechanisms are isolated from the atmospheric environment by using Ferro-fluidic and magnetically-coupled seals.


Wafer Carrier Type Wafer cassettes and boats
Physical Properties  
Size (Diameter) Single axis 10.35",
two axes 12.50"
Body Height 7" travel – 15.6",
14" travel – 22.6"
17" travel – 25.6"
Axes 1 or 2: Z or Z and T
Range of Motion Z: 7", 14", 17";
T : 360 degrees
Payload 20 lb
Base Operating Pressure 10E-8 Torr
Leak rate <1*10E-9 std cc/sec
Rotational (T) T: +/- 0.01 degree
Vertical (Z) Z: +/- 0.001"
Cleanliness < Class 1 Clean Room Compatible
Wafer contact Materials Aluminum, SS, Viton, Vacuum Grease