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Global Positioning Robot's

Maintenance Course Application Course Schedule

GPRTM Robots incorporate Genmark’s breakthrough technology. GPRs, robots with 5 and more servo-controlled degrees of freedom, can obediently interact with misaligned cassettes and process modules by using tilting motion or delivering deflection compensation during transport.

GPR Robot family includes:

  • GB7
  • GB7S
  • GB7 SM
  • GB8
  • GB8 SM
  • GB9
  • GB9 SM

If you are searching for knowledge about: preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, fixing and troubleshooting the problems, then we recommend you apply for the Maintenance Course.

If your point of interest is programming the robot or utilizing robot capabilities to improve material handling – you are welcome to attend the Application Course.

Our training outlines will introduce to you topics covered by these two courses:


For a current pricing for courses, training, and any customized courses please contact the Genmark Training Department