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Porta 300

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Utilization and Support of Load Port "Porta 300" Product Line

This document is an outline of a standard course layout, applicable for all configurations of Genmark’s load ports

Section 1 - Introduction

This part of the course contains the general information about the equipment, its operation and features of the Genmark’s utility program.

  • The safety precautions
  • Standard and optional features
  • Specifications
  • Operation of the load port
  • "Gencobot Tool Box" utility

Section 2 - Design of the Porta 300

This part of the course describes in detail all of the main assemblies of the Porta 300. Following topics are covered:

  • Porta 300 door assembly
  • Load/Unload port assembly
  • Porta 300 interface assembly
  • Control assembly
  • Cart assembly

Section 3 - Installation and Removal

This part of the course, teaches how to install and uninstall Porta 300 onto and from a Host Unit. In addition provides information on alignment of the load port, necessary after installation of the unit.

  • Steps taken during installation of Porta 300
  • Installation procedure
  • Performing of the alignments procedures
  • Porta 300 removal