Product Highlight

GB4S Robot System


  • Fast, accurate, repeatable transportation of wafers, and photomasks
  • Extended reach and vertical travel combination
  • Extended rotation motion range
  • DSP-based motion controller for vibration- free wafer transport
  • Multi-segment continuous path control
  • Optional scanning feature with fast and slow scanning mode

GB4S Robot System

  • Compact, high performance wafer handler for 300 mm wafers
  • Direct-drive swapping mechanism with minimized height
  • Maximized ratio between the effective vertical stroke and the robot-height
  • Fast wafer swap (< 2.8 sec) under specific conditions
  • Designed for wafer handling within vertical profile (minimized vertical size) processing tools
  • An excellent automation choice for multi-layer processing tools with stacked process modules


Wafer Size 300mm
Degrees of freedom
(Number of axes)
Axes X, Z, T, R1, R2
End Effectors Types Vacuum
Wafer Mapping N/A
Physical Properties  
Minimum robot height
(at the lowest Z-axis position)
300 mm
Maximum robot height
(at the highest Z-axis position)
800 mm
Effective Range of Motion X: 1390 mm
Z: 500 mm
T: 290 degrees
R1: 449 mm
R2: 449 mm
Max Payload 1 kg
Repeatability X: 0.1 mm (3σ)
Z: 0.1 mm (3σ)
T: 0.01° (3σ)
R1: 0.1 mm (3σ)
R2: 0.1 mm (3σ)
ISO Class 2 Compatible
Standards Compliance  
Applicable Directives/Standards Machine Directive 89/392/EEC
Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
Standards to Verify Compliance EN 60204-1:1997
EN 55011
EN ISO 12100-2:2003
RIA R15.06:1999
Reliability per SEMI E10 MCBF >15M
MTBF >100000 h