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Flat Panel Pre-Aligner
Flat Panel Pre-Aligner

Flat Panel Pre-Aligner

This remote measurement unit, comprising with three CCDs (Charge Coupled Devices), is designed to work with flat panel handling robots in order to determinate the position and orientation of a flat panel. The last moves of the flat panel inside the CCD-area and the misalignment of the flat panel are immediately calculated based on the CCD readings. The compensation of the misalignment can be accomplished during the transportation of the object to the target cassette or process station.


Works with Flat panels
Wafer size -    Min panel size : 125 mm x 125mm
-    Max panel size : not restricted
Alignment Accuracy  
Center Offset 0.0015"
Angular Offset 0.1 degrees
Alignment time 3 sec
Initial Offset Allowance 0.5"
Servo Light-house Gap 0.35", 0.5"
Maximum Vertical Velocity 20"/s
Maximum Vertical Acceleration 40"/s2
Physical Properties  
Vertical travel-body height 8.5" - 14"
13"- 18.5"
16" – 25.35"
Length 12.8"
Width 4.4"
Standards Compliance  
Applicable Directives/Standards Machine Directive 89/392/EEC
Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
89/336/EEC (EMC)
Standards to Verify Compliance EN 60204- 1:1997
EN ISO 12100- 2:2003
RIA R15.06:1999
Reliability per SEMI E10 / MCBF >20M

Fine-Alignment Flat Panel Pre-Aligner

Fine-alignment Flat Panel Pre-alignerThis measurement unit consists of two single degree of freedom robotic arms that carry CCD cameras. It works in a combination with flat panel handling robots in order to position the flat panel inside the CCD area with high degree of accuracy (±0.001"). The CCD area is adjustable and it allows for alignment of a wide range of flat panels. After the alignment both CCD arms retract to clear the alignment area for further manipulation of the flat panel.

Alignment time < 5.0 seconds
Alignment accuracy - X, Y ±0.002"
O ±0.125° Capture range / initial offset allowance ± 0.500"
Substrate sizes: 20mm x 340mm, 360mm x 450mm, 500mm x 500mm, 600mm x 600mm, 650mm x 700mm, 760mm x 760mm