Product Highlight

SortMax200<span class='small-trade'>™</span>

Sorter Functions Including :

  • Transfer
  • Split/Merge
  • Compress
  • Randomize
  • Wafer ID Map
  • Sort
  • Align


Achieve exceptional performance with Genmark's SortMax200™ wafer sorter, designed for handling wafers up to 200mm. The SortMax200™ can be configured to accommodate a maximum number of eight open cassette stations.

With years of experience building bridge tools integrating different processes such as wafer thickness measurement, UV cleaning/erasing and ID application to name a few, Genmark delivers the most reliable and serviceable 200mm small footprint sorter on the market today. A wide variety of wafer mappers, pre-aligners, and end-effectors are some of its many options.

Fully compliant with SEMI standards and fab requirements, Genmark's 200mm wafer sorter SortMax200™ is easily configurable to customer’s changing requirements.

Combined with Genmark's powerful and customizable ECS300 Equipment Control Software featuring standard operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.


Base Frame Welded Steel
Coating Baked powder coat
Capacity (Stocker) Total of 8 Open Cassette Stations
Wafer Size 3"-6"
Atmospheric Robot (types) GB4S
End Effector (types Vacuum Gripping, Dual EE
Pre-Aligner (types) Vacuum Gripping Chuck
Wafer Mapping Laser
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, 21" monitor.
Software Interface TBD (Waiting for data from Engineerging)
Communications RS232 (SECS-I), Ethernet (HSMS)
Physical Properties  
Length 47.24"
Cleanliness Class 1