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Contract Equipment Manufacturing Solutions

A Manufacturing Outsourcing Solution Provider

With the current global manufacturing environment of increasing costs, using contract manufacturing as an alternative to operating and maintaining your own production facility is becoming an attractive solution for many companies.  Genmark can help you focus on what you do best by offering numerous advantages.  This can include lowering cost and capital, flexibility, inventory control, and much more.  Allow our team of experts, with over two decades of experience, to help you explore the mutual benefits of a contract manufacturing solution for your business.

Contract Manufacturing Solution Services:

  • Product Evolution and Prototyping
  • Quantity Production, Manufacturing and Assembly Services
  • In-House Product Engineering Services
  • 1st Article & Bill Of Material Reviews
  • Product Concept Production
  • Custom and One-Off Production
  • Manufacture Planning
  • Production Tooling
  • 24/7/365 Support Services

By providing engineering, manufacturing, and product development services to the world’s leading OEMs in a variety of industries for more than two decades, we have accumulated vast amounts of expertise. Contact us about helping your business develop advanced  manufacturing initiatives that reduce your costs and accelerate your product introduction timeline.

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