Product Highlight

SortMax300<span class='small-trade'>™</span>


  • Sorter Functions: Sort, Map, Straight transfer, Merge, Split, Compress, Randomize, Flat/Notch Aligning
  • Supported cassette types. FOUP, FOSB, Open Cassette
  • Cross-slot and double slot wafer defection
  • Operator friendly Touch Screen Interface
  • Optional host SECS/GEM Interface
  • Support of Sort Process Programs
  • Automatic Pressure control system adjusts fan speed to maintain pressure set-points through changes in surrounding pressure
  • Integrated controls and monitoring system
  • Fan-filter unit with VFD controlled impeller and PTFE media filter
  • Installation, certification, and balance to SEMI E-44-96
  • SEMI S2-93A, S6-93 compliant.


Genmark's SortMax300™ is a next generation SORTER producing the highest throughput rapid software set-up and lowest cost-of-ownership culminating from 25 years' experience in design, development, and manufacture of wafer handling equipment.

High throughput is achieved using Genmark’s high precision robots, including the robot series featuring the patented GPR technology robots enabling automatic compliant interaction with misaligned process modules and capable of deflection compensation during transport of high payloads.

The SortMax300™ is designed for handling up to 300mm wafers and reticles, and can be customized to accommodate any mix of cassettes and FOUPS in 1 to 5 BOLTS compatible load station configurations. The SortMax300™ features a better than ISO Class 1-mini-environment while maintaining the smallest footprint in its class.

Genmark’s ECS300 Equipment Control Software is a standard feature, featuring operational functions such as Sort, ID, Transfer, Compress, Align and Merge/Split.



Base Frame Welded steel, BOLTS compatible load ports.
Coating Baked powder coat
Fan Filter  
Fan Filter Unit Per customer specification
Filter media PTFE ULPA 99.99995% @ 0.1 micro meters efficiency
Wafer size up to 300mm
Atmospheric Robot (types) Grex; GB4S; GB7S; GB8; GB8SM;
End Effector (types) Vacuum gripping, Edge gripping, Gravity
Pre-Aligner (types) Vacuum gripping chuck; edge gripping chuck
Wafer Mapping Through-beam
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, touch screen
Software Interface SEMI E30, E84, E87, E90, E40,E94, E99, E118, E116
Communications RS232 (SECS-1), Ethernet (HSMS)
Physical Properties  
Length Two load ports - 45''
Three load ports - 66''
Four load ports - 80''
Air Pressure: Relative to Cleanroom Ambient  
Port Closed Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c. (2.5 +/-0.13 Pa)
Load/Unload Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c. (2.5 +/-0.13 Pa)
ME Recovery time <38 sec
Air flow velocity 90 +/- 10% ft/min, (0.45 +/-10% m/sec)
Standarts Compliance  
SEMI -SEMI S1-0701
-SEMI S2-1102
-SEMI S7-96
-SEMI S8-0701
-SEMI S9-1101
-SEMI S10-1296
-SEMI S13-0298
-SEMI E15-0698
-SEMI E44-96
-SEMI E54-0997
-SEMI E57-0600
-SEMI E58-0301
-SEMI F47-0400
Other Standards CE standards, International Sematech Integrated Minienvironmental Best Design Practices.
Cleanliness Better than Class 1