Product Highlight

Porta R6<span class='small-trade'>™</span>
Porta R6<span class='small-trade'>™</span>
Porta R6<span class='small-trade'>™</span>


  • BOLTS Compatible Mechanical Interface
  • Compatible Carriers - 125mm Reticle Boxes
  • Box Placement Sensor for each slot
  • Reticle Presence Sensor for each slot
  • Electromagnetic Door Lock
  • Door Closed Indicator
  • Carrier Presence Indicator
  • Access OK Indicator
  • Load Time: 5.5 sec.
  • Unload Time: 3 sec.
  • Outstanding performance based on servo controlled mechanisms
  • 2 optional manual access buttons
  • Optional kinematic coupling for accurate mounting
  • Equipped with Easy-Mount lift mechanism
  • Minimal particle, vibration and noise generation
  • Modular design, easy maintenance access

Porta R6

Genmark Automation’s Porta R6 is a BOLTS compatible load port specifically designed for automated reticle loading. It features a transparent enclosure accommodating up to 6 individual containers for 150mm reticles. The enclosure has scanning sensors indicating the proper placement of each container and the reticle presence inside of it. The Porta R6 has electromagnetic door lock, servo-actuated reticle box opener and isolation door providing fully automated and safe reticle access.


Compatibility BOLTS compatible
Carrier Types 6 150mm reticle carriers
Wafer Size 150mm reticles
Substrate Type Reticle
Status Indicators 2 lights - "Placement" and "Action OK"
Operator Push Buttons One Manual Access button
Carrier Sensors Carrier Placement Sensors
Wafer Mapping Reticle presence sensors
Physical Properties  
Clamping Mechnism Lockable interlock of the carriers loading door
Height - 1385mm (54.54 inches) With cart
- 1336mm (52.61 inches) Without cart
Width 470mm (18.50 inches)
Actuation - Servo motor driven carriers opening mechanism
- Servo motor driven door opening mechanism
Reliability MCBlp > 150K cycles
MCBl > 321.877 cycles
MTTR 60 minutes
Availability 99.89%

Load: 5.5 seconds
Unload: 3 seconds

Cleanliness Class 1 ANSI, when in class 100 environment
Standards Compliance  
SEMI - E15.1: Load Port
- S2 Compliance
- S8 Ergonomics guideline compliance
- E44 Guide for Procurement and Acceptance of Minienvironments
- E10 Availablity
Other Standards - Seismic Stability for UBC Zone 4 area and S2
- EU Machinery Directive
- EU Low voltage dir.
- Carrier ID Reader per I300I Factory guideline
Reliability per SEMI E10  
MCBF (cycles) > 1M