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SortMax300 HT<span class='small-trade'>™</span>
SortMax300 HT<span class='small-trade'>™</span>

SortMax300 HT

Genmark’s SortMax300 HT™ is capable of achieving the highest wafer per hour throughput requirements while operating under strict reliability and cleanliness specifications. Based on modular design it can support configurations up to 8 FOUP/FOSB stations. Highest throughput capacity is a result of expanded technological features including uniquely designed dual end-effector wafer transfer mechanisms based on Genmark’s proven GREX dual arm robot series.

SortMax300 HT™ also offers highly improved software functionality and reliability based on the latest ECS300 Equipment Control Software suite. Along with rapid set-up, the highly sophisticated software suit has been improved to included built-in support for the latest fab requirements. Special “auto-teach” scripts are included to further simplify the wafer-handler teaching process, optimize operator interface and reduce downtime during maintenance periods.

Genmark's high throughput wafer sorter SortMax300 HT™ is designed for handling up to 300mm wafers and is offered in standard or custom configurations. A wide array of end-effectors, wafer mappers and single or dual wafer aligners are some of its many options.


Base Frame Welded steel, BOLTS compatible load ports
Coating Baked powder coat
Capacity (Stocker) Up to 8 Loadports
Fan Filter  
Fan Filter Unit Per customer specification
Filter Media PTFE ULPA 99.99995% @ 0.1 micro meters efficiency
Wafer Size Up to 300 mm
Atmospheric Robot (types) Grex4
End Effector (types) Vacuum gripping, Edge gripping
Pre-Aligner types Vacuum gripping chuck; edge gripping chuck
Wafer Mapping Through-beam
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, touch screen
Software Interface SEMI E30, E84, E87, E90, E40, E94, E99, E118, E116
Communications RS232 (SECS-I), Ethernet (HSMS)
Physical Properties  
Length Two load ports – 45"
Three load ports – 66"
Four load ports – 80"
Air Pressure: Relative to Cleanroom Ambient
Port closed Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c., (2.5 +/- 0.13Pa)
Load/Unload Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c., (2.5 +/- 0.13Pa)
ME Recovery time < 38 sec
Air Flow Velocity 90 +/- 10% ft/min, (0.45 +/- 10% m/sec)
Standards Compliance  
SEMI -    SEMI S1-0701
-    SEMI S2-1102
-    SEMI S7-96
-    SEMI S8-0701
-    SEMI S9-1101
-    SEMI S10-1296
-    SEMI S13-0298
-    SEMI E15-0698
-    SEMI E44-96
-    SEMI E54-0997
-    SEMI E58-0301
-    SEMI F47-0400
Other Standards CE Standards, International Sematech Integrated Minienvironment Best Design Practices.
Cleanliness Class 1000 or better