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Genmark Automation

We are a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of tool and fab automation equipment solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel, solar, LED, data storage, and associated industries.

Genmark’s products, based on patented robotics technologies, include a large portfolio of vacuum and atmospheric substrate transport modules, up to 450mm, such as: EFEMs, SORTERs, FOUP Stockers, Vacuum Cluster Systems, Loadports, High Payload and Standard Robots and Equipment Control Software.

Manufacturing its products in Fremont (California) and Singapore; Genmark markets, distributes, and supports its products worldwide both directly and through channel partners.

Genmark’s robotics products, automation systems, and engineering services are the solutions of choice for the majority of industry-leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers and fabs.
Genmark is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.





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