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Mini-Max<span class='small-trade'>™</span> [EFEM]
Mini-Max<span class='small-trade'>™</span> [EFEM]
Mini-Max<span class='small-trade'>™</span> [EFEM]


  • Automatic pressure control system adjusts fan speed to maintain pressure set-points through changes in surrounding pressures.
  • Integrated controls and monitoring system
  • Fan-filter unit with VFD controlled impeller and PTFE media filter.
  • Integral lighting.
  • Installation, certification, and balance to SEMI E-44-96.
  • SEMI S2-93A, S6-93 compliant.
  • CFD model available upon request

Mini-Max [EFEM]

Genmark’s MiniMax™ Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) is a class 1 minienvironment system designed to maximize productivity of semiconductor processing equipment tools that require the highest level of automation.

The MiniMax™ can be customized to meet the automation requirements of any semiconductor manufacturing tool application and specified with one of the Genmark’s sophisticated and precise wafer and reticle handling robots, including the full line of patented GPR single or dual arm robots, GREX robot series, single and dual wafer aligners, FOUP/FOSB openers, reticle libraries, as well as any other customer specified equipment.

Genmark’s ECS300 Automation Software Suite is the standard product controlling the MiniMax™ system and the interface with the manufacturing equipment and the fab.


Base Frame Welded steel, BOLTS compatible load ports
Coating Baked powder coat
Fan Filter  
Fan Filter Unit Per customer specification
Filter media PTFE ULPA 99.99995% @ 0.1 micro meters efficiency
Wafer Size up to 300mm
Atmospheric Robot (types) G-Rex; GB4S; GPR-GB7S; GPR-GB8; GPR-GB8-SM
End Effector (types) Vacuum gripping, Edge gripping, Gravity
Pre-Aligner (types) Vacuum gripping chuck; edge rgipping chuck
Wafer Mapping Through-beam
User Interface Keyboard, mouse, touch screen
Software Interface SEMI E30, E84, E87, E90, E40, E94, E99, E118, E116
Communications Physical Properties
Physical Properties  
Length Two load ports - 45"
Three load ports - 66"
Four load ports - 80"
Air Pressure: Relative to Cleanroom Ambient  
Port Closed Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c., (2.5 +/- 0.13 Pa)
Load/Unload Spec: 0.01 +/- 0.005 inches w.c., (2.5 +/- 0.13 Pa)
ME Recovery time < 38 sec
Air Flow Velocity 90 +/- 10% ft/min, (0.45 +/- 10% m/sec)
Standarts Compliance  
SEMI - SEMI S1-0701
- SEMI S2-1102
- SEMI S7-96
- SEMI S8-0701
- SEMI S9-1101
- SEMI S10-1296
- SEMI S13- 0298
- SEMI E15-0698
- SEMI E44-96
- SEMI E54-0997
- SEMI E57-0600
- SEMI E58-0301
- SEMI F47-0400
Other Standards CE Standards, International Sematech Integrated Minienvironment Best Design
Cleanliness Class 1

Airborne Probe Placement

The airborne sample probe was positioned 0.5 - 1.0 inch from the sample locations, pointed toward the sample location. Where mechanical movement would create collision between he airborne probe and the moving part, the airborne sample probe was positioned 0.5 - 1.0 inch from the closest approach of that moving part.

Background Particles (Static Counts)

Background counts quantify the particles due to all factors except system movement.
This includes particles from the test procedure itself.

Combined Robot Motions

For this test, the robot moved continuously in a simulated wafer transfer pattern.
The movement pattern was:

  • start at home position of theta and R with z-axis down
  • move z-axis upward
  • rotate 180 degrees
  • extend end effector
  • retract end effectorParticle Counter

Met One 2100C

  • • rotate 180 degrees
  • • move z-axis downward